Andrea Candela

Nearly eighty years ago, the Candela Jewelry house was founded by the Candela Family in Valencia, Spain. The company, Candela Hermanos, quickly became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gold jewelry. For several generations, the Candela family has been at the forefront of European jewelry design and manufacturing.

The success of Candela is credited to expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. The name Candela is synonymous with fine Spanish jewelry. With this heritage, it is no wonder that one of the Candela daughters, Andrea Candela, was inspired to create her own collection of fine jewelry in late 2004 to be marketed in North America and the Caribbean.

Andrea was joined by award-winning fine jewelry designer Andrea Carnasciali-Ventura, who had already worked for Candela Jewelry starting in 1995, to create and develop the ANDREA CANDELA line. Carnasciali-Ventura embraced Candela’s time honored traditions and brought to life exquisite collections, receiving great acclaim for her passion for detail, technique and color. She continues to design for the ANDREA CANDELA line to this day.

Inspired by the beauty and heritage of Spain, the ANDREA CANDELA line is a magnificent collection of jewelry incorporating 18kt gold & sterling silver with genuine gemstones & diamonds. A passion for color exuberates through each hand picked gemstone and diamond that decorates each piece.

Identifiable by its unique armadillo finish and rope edge design trademarks, ANDREA CANDELA is headed towards the forefront of the jewelry industry, incorporating Old World craftsmanship for today’s fashion forward woman.