Exotic and with a feeling of both the mysterious East and the beauty of classical Spain, this collection will appeal to all.
A collection from the heart of the lover.
From the architectural archway designs to the intricate filigree patterns on the walls of cathedrals to the color and vibrancy of the Spanish region itself, the Andalucia collection derived many inspirations and presents strong determination and a passion for life.
Andrea II
This collection features pieces that will introduce everyone to the beauty and value of Andrea Candela. We specifically created this collection as something every person can afford. Intricate craftsmanship and pave diamonds are the staple of this collection making it classy and easy-to-wear.
Art Deco
Reminiscent of the aristocracies of the 1930s and the architecture of New York City’s Chrysler Building, one cannot help but be transported to a bygone and glamorous era. Make an unforgettable impact; be haute.
The Atlántida collection was influenced by the legend of the lost city of Atlantis and the enchanting mermaids who inhabited it. Exquisite filigree detail and yellow sapphires are characteristic of these utterly luxurious pieces.
Blanco y Negro
Black and colored diamonds have moved to the forefront of fashion jewelry. Andrea Candela follows up on this trend with the "Black and White" diamond jewelry collection.
All beings in the universe are connected in many different ways and love is an especially strong component that joins in a unique manner. Express yourself in an everlasting way. Exist connectedly and let your love lead.
Brilliant diamonds shimmering in the light capture the elegant mood that makes heads turn.
A divine collection that emphasizes the gold look.
Lively and vibrant the Dulce Collection emanates happiness. Dulce’s elegant playfulness uplifts the spirit with a dazzling array of color combinations such as mint, berry and tutti-frutti.
Lively and vibrant the Dulce Collection emanates happiness. Dulce’s elegant playfulness uplifts the spirit with a dazzling array of color combinations such as mint, berry and tutti-frutti.
Dulce-Tutti Frutti
Lively and vibrant the Dulce Collection emanates happiness. Dulce’s elegant playfulness uplifts the spirit with a dazzling array of color combinations such as mint, berry and tutti-frutti.
The Eco collection was inspired by the repetitions in nature such as the reflection of sound waves. Eco's thin ropes reverberate in a hypnotizing pattern that will capture all attention. Sporting a classy look that is polished and chic, this is an incredibly versatile collection.
Paying tribute to the world of equestrian show jumping, the look has been a classic staple for many years. Polished. Versatile. Upscale.
A celebration of love and passion, the Enamorada collection makes a beautiful statement with its romantic, ornate filigree detail and distinct personality.
Nature has quite an affinity for spirals and our universe is filled with them from galaxies to seashells. Spirals are also known to symbolize evolution and awareness. The Espiral collection pays tribute to the mystery of spirals in nature and how they relate to us.
Unwavering in its purpose, the arrow always moves forward and never looks back. The Flecha collection embodies the sleekness of arrows tempered with unparalleled class. Lead the way with these elegant pieces from the Flecha collection.
Fleur de Lis
Embrace the history of Spain with our signature Fleur de Lis collection. Every piece is engraved with the symbol of Andrea Candela.
Flower Power
This collection reminds us there can be strength behind beauty and sensitivity, just as with flowers that look fragile but are tenacious. Flower Power’s flared styles with intricate cut out’s and shimmering diamonds are delicate yet bold. Let your beauty and inner strength shine through these fabulous alluring blooms.
Inspired by the flamboyant 1920s, the Gatsby collection pulls back the curtain on the luxurious styles from the Flapper era. This collection exudes glamour and marries captivating Art Deco elements to stunning color & texture.
Geometric shapes and high polishes give the Geo collection a look that complements any occasion.
The “Gem of the Mediterranean”, the island of Ibiza, is the inspiration for this youthful and playful collection that emphasizes color and fun
La Corona
Louis XIV is known by many as a king of couture. This collection draws inspiration not only from the opulent and luxurious garments worn during his reign, but also from the rich details found in his Château de Versailles.
La Fe
Andrea Candela introduces “La Fe” collection featuring stunning traditional, latin and celtic designs.
Throughout time, labyrinths have been used for protection, pleasure walks, and even meditative journeys. A wonder of unexpected encounters and anticipation of what might lie around the corner is a charm of labyrinths of all kinds. Find yourself in the enigmatic and timeless pieces from the Laberinto collection.
Inspired by the bay laurel leaf which was used to fashion wreaths in ancient Greece, this collection offers a symbol of highest status. Show your flair, invigorate the senses, and be noticed.
Lazo means ribbon or bow, hence each piece in this collection is accented with an 18kt ribbon.
Lazo De Brillantes
he conception of the Lazo de Brillantes collection began during the joy and sparkle of holiday season, inspired by the fabulous bows seen everywhere from decorations to fancy gift boxes. Delicate and subtly glitzy, the Lazo bows symbolize special ties, loyalty and love.
Lazo De Colores
The conception of the Lazo de Colores collection began during the joy and sparkle of holiday season, inspired by the fabulous bows seen everywhere from decorations to fancy gift boxes. Delicate and subtly glitzy, the Lazo bows symbolize special ties, loyalty and love.
Direct and to the point, the Linea Collection simple, smart and elegant.
Lucero is a colleciton full of special cut Spanish stones. Like a kaleidoscope these pieces refract light in a way that will marvel the human eye.
The Mantilla Collection is designed after the Spanish “mantilla” originated in the 16th century. Today in Spain women still wear these veils during religious festivals, bullfights and weddings. The collection carries the delicate lace and scalloped borders found in the traditional “mantillas”. It is exquisitely feminine and has an authentic Spanish quality to it.
Marbella, the heart and soul of the Costa del Sol, is the inspiration for the freshwater cultured pearl collection. Each pearl a unique creation, selected for its beauty and iridescence.
Mini Alhambra
Mini Alhambra portrays Alhambra in a petite aspect. An extraordinary vibrant collection depicting the elegance Andrea Candela presents.
Comprised of a combination of different patterns, including the trademark Andréa Candela armadillo design, rope, bead work, and polished surfaces, the result is a harmonious mix and match that is a modern and effortless addition to any repertoire.
Nudo De Amor
Knots have been a symbol of love, friendship and affection dating back to antiquity. This collection is a take on the classic love knot. Wear Nudo de Amor to remind you of the special ties you keep in your life.
Pasion De Plata
Pure silver is a luxury and we should all pamper ourselves. Indulge yourself in the warmth and comfort of our all-silver collection.
Pavo Real
The brilliant colors of the peacock make this collection of gemstones and diamonds fun and irresistible.
Pluma Collection’s vintage feel and soulful silhouettes are effortless yet sophisticated. Find your groove with these boho-chic must have feathers.
Ra, the ancient Egyptian sun deity, was often considered the King of Gods and a creator of life forms. To many, the sun represents warmth, light, and growth. Bask in the warm colors and materialize your divine spirit.
With a mesmerizing effect, the Radiante collection emanates happiness, beauty, and spontaneity through its delicate ropes. Turn up the glow with this extraordinary collection.
"Regalo" means gift and this colleciton is all about giving. Each piece is carefully crafted so anyone can enjoy a piece of Andrea Candela.
Beautiful trellises of different kinds are found everywhere in Spain, from garden arches and pergolas, to the cultivation of grapes for wine. The Rioja collection ties detailed openwork with clean, sleek surfaces. The result is absolute simple elegance that is unforgettable.
Dynamic geometrically shaped basalt formations in Northern Ireland come to life in this collection and bestow a sense of international exuberance unto the wearer. Easily integrated into daily life, these styles are ready for all to see.
From beginning to end, this collection features a round motif of precious metals, gems and diamonds.
The elegant movement of dancing streamers during carnival festivities is the inspiration behind the Serpentina pieces. Graceful delicate designs and simple lines are the staple of this collection.
Beginning in the 16th century, the Spanish treasure fleets transported various metal resources and agricultural goods, including silver, gold, gems, spices, tobacco, silk, and other exotic goods, from the Spanish colonies to Spain. Today this collection is full of rich pave diamonds that remind of the Spanish treasures.
18kt gold and diamonds bookend these wheat-linked toggle bracelets named after the "City of Three Cultures" nestled south of Madrid.
Inspired by Spain’s rich, colorful and mysterious European culture, Andrea Candela uncovers the mesmerizing Trébol collection. An eccentric, although elegant collection exposing ravishing multi-color gems.
Geometric designs with a touch of 18kt gold forms the basis of this collection. Enhanced with gems and freshwater pearls, the Vibora collection is both classic.
Fresh and full of life, the Vida collection plays with vibrant gemstones coming together as one. Bring on the energy with these vivacious pieces from the Vida collection.
Vida De Plata
It is said that the purpose of life is to embrace it and live it; experience everything to the fullest. It is something that should be enjoyed, not tolerated or endured. Bask in and surround yourself with the luxurious attraction of silver.